Sean Bean: Every Death Ranked From Worst To Best


Sean Bean has appeared in over seventy movies and he dies in one third of them so his dying face is on point. Despite him having a bit of a reputation for always dying in films, he doesn't actually have the highest death roles of all time. That would be John Hurt, but Sean Bean really isn't far behind and of course, Hurt does have more roles under his belt. But let's face it, if Sean Bean was ever cast in Star Trek, he would be sporting a red shirt and would be one of Captain Kirk's landing party. Strangely enough, he hasn't been killed by an alien yet. Mr Bean (Sean, not Atkinson) has been shot, stabbed and even pushed over a cliff by a heard of cows. He's became such a stereotype that viewers just expect him to seriously maimed in a movie or at least be the first one to go, and you have Game Of Thrones and The Lord Of The Rings to thank for that, amongst the many others out there. Sean Bean has been dying for a very long time now in the world of fiction, so will his next role be less deathy?

12. Errol Partridge Film: Equilibrium How he died: Shot In a world where a totalitarian government declare that all war is caused by emotion, they attempt to suppress feelings and encourage obedience by making inhabitants take daily injections of a drug called Prozium. Anyone who fails to take their injections are executed. As always, Bean is killed rather early on in the film after he saves a poetry book instead of burning it like he was ordered, as part of the movement is to eradicate all emotionally stimulating material. And is there anything more emotionally stimulating that Keats? Partridge (Bean) confesses to his partner Preston (Christian Bale) that they are both wrong to serve the government as human beings need to feel. Preston shoots Partridge in the head for his Romantic notion.

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