Star Wars: 10 Times The Jedi Went Too Far

Yoda: "Wait... the baddies, we are?"

Mace Windu Anakin

Despite being presented as an undeniable force of good throughout much of the Original Trilogy of Star Wars films, fans have slowly become aware of the Jedi's failings as an order as time has gone by and more information about the people within the order has been disclosed.

Sure, they may not be found stalking around the galaxy in jet black robes, wielding unmistakably red lightsabers, or regularly giving in to fear or anger, but that doesn't mean they're completely free of criticism. Far from it, in fact.

Time and time again those who devote their lives to peace and justice in the galaxy have gone to rather extreme lengths in their quest for that desired endgame. Jumping to conclusions and showing little remorse should their actions turn out to be mistakes, manipulating weak-minded individuals for their own needs and relentlessly promoting a deeply unhealthy way of life are just a few of the examples of individuals within the Order or the entire organisation as a whole going too far in the world of Star Wars.

You're right to have a bad feeling about this list...

10. Luke Skywalker Almost Tries To Kill Ben Solo In His Sleep

Mace Windu Anakin

Oh, how different the Sequel Trilogy would've looked had Luke Skywalker decided to keep his lightsaber holstered.

Instead of facing off against a savage yet conflicted Kylo Ren for much of the series, Rey, Po, Finn and the gang would've likely found a strong ally in Ben Solo to help them during their battle against the dark forces of the First Order. Sadly though, late redemption arc in The Rise of Skywalker aside, our only real glimpses of an un-turned Ben come in the form of a series of flashbacks revealing Luke Skywalker's biggest ever mistake.

In a moment of weakness, fearing Solo could soon wander down the path to the Dark Side and inflict all the pain and misery his father had done when he initially turned, Luke brandished his lightsaber went to attack his Padawan and nephew (!), only to hesitate and realise his mistake at the last minute. But the damage was done. Ben woke up to find his Master brandishing his green blade above him, panicked, and embraced the hatred that was growing within him.

This one moment of weakness opened the door for a frightening amount of pain and suffering.

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