Sundance Film Festival 2023: 20 Movies You Need To Know About

19. Eileen

Talk to Me

Easily one of the most polarising yet fascinating films from this year's festival, Eileen is the daring second feature from Lady Macbeth filmmaker William Oldroyd.

Thomasin McKenzie stars as Eileen, a young woman working in a prison in 1960s New England, when her humdrum life is suddenly upended by the presence of a new colleague, Dr. Rebecca St. John (Anne Hathaway).

But Eileen is not quite what it first appears to be - though certainly defined by its seductive, Sapphic undertone, Oldroyd's film slowly morphs into something far more unexpected and unsettling.

It'd be criminal to say anymore, and while the startling tonal shift won't be for all tastes, it's made considerably more persuasive due to the exceptional performances from McKenzie and especially Hathaway, who hasn't been this good in many years.

Eileen is currently seeking distribution.

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