The Expendables 3 - 13 Easter Eggs & References You Need To Know

The film's garbage but these are fun to spot.

With our appraisal of Sly and company's latest outing, along with a critical consensus that is on a quick landslide into oblivion (sitting at the time of press at 33%), it's not exactly looking good for The Expendables 3. Short of a total miracle, it's going to easily become the worst-reviewed movie of the series to date by a significant margin. To rub salt in the wound, the PG-13 rating combined with the unfortunate DVD leak two weeks ago also threatens to present it with the lowest box office total of the three movies as well, though we'll have to see for ourselves when EX3 hits cinemas next week. Still, though the movie was a huge disappointment, that doesn't mean it's not without its charming moments, most of which came through the expected nostalgic call-backs to movies the all-star cast has previously made. In addition to this, there were some unexpected references to films outside the action movie sphere, and if you're attentive enough, you just might catch them as well. Here are 13 sneaky easter eggs and references we caught in The Expendables 3. Once you've seen the film for yourself, let us know in the comments if you caught any more references we missed!

13. Demolition Man

Following the movie's opening sequence, in which the Expendables liberate Doctor Death (Wesley Snipes) from captivity in a train that's headed to a prison, banter ensues. Barney (Stallone) chats with Doc, and after anachronistically referring to CIA official Church as a "spook", Doc tells him, "I think you're in a time warp, man." Then, as Barney is chiding Doc for getting himself arrested, he tells him, "If you'd have done that to me I would've chopped you into pieces." The comments may sound like harmless tough-guy banter, until you remember that these two starred in the classic 90s action flick Demolition Man, which revolved around both men being cryogenically frozen and thawed out in the future (a time warp of sorts), and ended with Stallone's character karate kicking Snipes' frozen head clean off (chopped into pieces, indeed). Not so coincidental, we think.

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