The Hunger Games: 12 Actresses Who Could Have Been Katniss Everdeen

11. Chloe Moretz


Somebody from a more action-based background, which suits the Katniss role that she publically declared interest in, is Chloe Moretz. Now sixteen, she made her film debut at the age of eight in 2005 with parts in three films, including a remake of The Amityville Horror.

Roles and voiceovers in a series of children€™s films followed for the next few years before she acquired supporting roles in (500) Days Of Summer and The Diary Of A Wimpy Kid, as well as one of the main parts in Kick-Ass, in which she played the foul-mouthed child vigilante Hit Girl, a role she is set to reprise in the film€™s sequel later this year. Work with Tim Burton and Martin Scorsese has followed, though her first true leading role will be in a remake of Stephen King€™s Carrie, which hits screens in October.

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