The Matrix: 20 Things You Didn't Know

10. Keanu Reeves Did The Window Ledge Scene For Real

Will smith matrix thumb
Warner Bros

One of the most crucial parts of a film production is to ensure the safety of everyone involved. Because Keanu Reeves plays the lead role in The Matrix, you'd assume every precaution imaginable was taken while he performed the most dangerous stunts and action scenes.

Nevertheless, Reeves decided to do one of the most dangerous sequences in the movie without a stuntman. When Neo attempts to evade the Agents by escaping through a window ledge, Reeves was actually on the outside of the skyscraper's 34th floor. Even though this scene could've been achieved in a controlled set, Reeves wanted to do it for real.

Not only that, he refused to use cables as a precaution. If he lost his balance, even for a second, that could've been the end of the movie then and there. It was crazy (and a little stupid) that Reeves put himself in so much danger but you have to commend his bravery and commitment to the role.


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