The Matrix Resurrections: 10 Questions We Have From The Trailer

9. What Is Going On With Morpheus?

The Matrix Resurrections Neo Trinity
Warner Bros.

It's truly mystifying that Laurence Fishburne wasn't invited back to reprise his role of Morpheus in the film, though this trailer damn-near confirms that Yahya Abdul-Mateen II will, as rumoured, be playing a new, younger version of the character.

Absolutely no context is given for the presence of the new Morpheus, though clearly he's going to once again lead Neo down the rabbit hole after offering him a choice between the red and blue pill.

Though Morpheus died in The Matrix Online video game, we have no idea if Lana Wachowski will be keeping that decision canon for the franchise moving forward.

Perhaps this is a backed-up version of Morpheus from an earlier version of the Matrix, hence his youth, or even his son, though it sure would be a shame if we didn't get at least a cameo from Fishburne at some point.


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