The Matrix Resurrections: 10 Questions We Have From The Trailer

8. Are Neil Patrick Harris & Jonathan Groff Playing Agents?

The Matrix Resurrections Neo Trinity
Warner Bros.

The trailer offers up glimpses of two mysterious characters played by Neil Patrick Harris and Jonathan Groff.

Harris appears to be playing a therapist who prescribes Neo some of the aforementioned blue pills, presumably to help suppress the memories of his past life.

Between this and the fact that Harris' character's glasses have blue frames, it seems highly probable he's either an Agent or an instrument of the Matrix intended to keep people from realising the truth of their non-reality.

We get a far more fleeting appearance from Groff's character, who namedrops the Matrix to Neo while the pair are sat in an office building - possibly Neo's workplace? - making it clear that he's got a major role to play.

Ever since Groff was cast, the smart bets have been on him playing an Agent, and while he's not quite suited up in typical Agent garb here, a short clip earlier in the trailer does seem to show him fighting Neo in a more conventional black-and-white Agent get-up.

Could he even be playing a rebooted version of Agent Smith?

It at least seems clear that the two are most certainly playing villains, though neither has an official character name yet.


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