The Predator: 7 Big Questions We’re Left With

6. Did Traeger's Mission Die With Him?

The Predator Dutch

In spite of the fact that he was evil just for the sake of being evil, Sterling K. Brown's character, Will Traeger, proved to be somewhat of a formidable villain.

Overseeing the Project Stargazer experiment, Traeger was willing to kill to get what we wanted, and he even ordered the assassination of the scientist that he recruited to study the creatures. This trigger-happy approach eventually caught up with him as he ended up accidentally killing himself when he misused the Predator's alien technology.

Without Traeger to lead the troops, there is now an uncertainty regarding Project Stargazer's future. While his leadership was undoubtedly misguided, the group's mission was to protect the human race. So, if 20th Century Fox do greenlight a sequel, then it's likely that it will have a major role going forward.

But will a more heroic figure (like a certain Quinn McKenna) take over, or will this pave the way for another human villain to enter the fray?


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