Uma Thurman: 5 Awesome Performances And 5 That Sucked

No prizes for guessing which category Batman And Robin fits into.

In a career spanning nearly thirty years Uma Thurman has collected an impressive array of credits. She€™s played historical figures, femme fatales, a comic book villain, a vengeful sword wielding assassin and even Lois Lane (it was in Movie 43 so it€™s probably not canon). In her best work she€™s able to combine movie star charisma with real emotional depth. Even in her weaker movies she€™s usually able to bring something interesting to the part. It€™s little wonder she went on to become Tarantino€™s long-term muse. She€™s also been the victim of a few poor choices throughout her career. Hollywood has always had a problem coming up with meaty roles for women that aren't €œthe girlfriend€ or €œthe wife€ that may or may not need rescuing. She€™s played a few of those parts while also signing up for bad blockbusters and laugh free romantic comedies. Maybe those choices were down to bad luck with script offers but she€™s has been responsible for making a few of those bad movies even worse. With the upcoming release of Burnt, where she co-stars alongside Bradley Cooper, this is as good a time as any to look back over her CV and see where she went right. And where she went so very, very wrong...

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