WhatCulture Horror Launches!

It's Alive, IT'S ALIVE!

Simon Gallagher

By the clicking of like button thumbs, something wicked this way comes...

That's right, ghouls and ghosts, today marks the insidious creation of our very own, brand new YouTube channel: WhatCulture Horror!

We've been committed to putting out fine quality horror content - like 100 Greatest Horror Movies Of All Time, or 10 Best Horror Movies Where Nobody Dies - for a long time, and have now reached a point where we can fully dedicate a place for fans of the genre to come together and enjoy horror-specific content in all its mourning glory.


If you're after short lists or in-depth editorials, the latest news or lengthy podcasts debates, or simply somewhere to come and celebrate all things spooky with like-minded weirdos; then WhatCulture Horror is for you.

Be afraid, be very afraid, but come and take a look anyway. You can even check out our Unfriended inspired spoof trailer live on the channel now!


We've got loads of terrifying videos lined up and we're incredibly excited to share our team's enthusiasm for all things creepy, so drop in and like, share, and subscribe to keep up to date with our spooky shenanigans. The power of horror compels you!

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