X-Men: 10 Biggest Missed Opportunities

One gene short of a mutation.

In July 2000, Bryan Singer's X-Men changed the fate of comic book movies forever and in the fifteen years since its release the franchise has become one of the most solidly bankable series' in Hollywood. This past summer's instalment, Days Of Future Past, was the biggest X-hit thus far, notching up $748 million worldwide and generating almost universally positive reviews. However, even though the franchise has always made good money and the X-Men are firmly entrenched in the public consciousness, the critical and fan reaction to the films hasn't always been so favourable. For every well-received entry like X2 or First Class, there have been a few sub-par movies like The Last Stand and Origins: Wolverine. There has always also been some sort of disconnect between the studio heads at Fox and the creative talent working on the films, with numerous reports of backstage strife and rushed schedules explaining the weaker entries. This has meant that while it has enjoyed a great deal of successes over the years, the franchise has missed quite a few golden opportunities too. Whether it be beloved characters not being given due care and respect, or iconic storylines in the comic books being adapted poorly, Fox has made their fair share of errors. These are the ten most notable times they dropped the ball...

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