X-Men: Apocalypse - 11 Things To Expect Now We've Seen Days Of Future Past

Evil Wolverine, Archangel, human extinction and more Quicksilver? Where do we sign up?

X Men Apocalypse Now that X-Men is fixed (ignoring a few pertinent remaining questions and plot-holes of course), and Days Of Future Past is quickly picking up box office dollars and acclaim in cinemas, attention will inevitably begin to turn towards the upcoming sequel that was teased in a brief, but hugely intriguing post-credits scene at the end. From what Bryan Singer has already said, and from what can be gleaned from the comics in relation to where the 1970s X-Men timeline currently stands, it seems that the director's assertion that the film will be based loosely on the Age Of Apocalypse comic book event is only part of the story. He did admit at Comic Con and elsewhere in the run up to release that there would be storyline hints in Days Of Future Past that would directly lead into Apocalypse, and now that the film is released, now seems the perfect time to directly address that rather pertinent question. What hints can we get from Days Of Future Past (and the comics as a secondary linked concern) of where the events of Apocalypse will take us? You can easily see the appeal of focusing on the Apocalypse arc for Bryan Singer: the idea of a massive scale war between humanity and mutants leads by a tyrant leader keen on eradicating the supposedly inferior race means that the director who bailed on X-Men: The Last Stand gets another opportunity to grind Brett Ratner's threequel into the dust. We'll once more be able to see a Brotherhood style allegiance of mutants looking to wipe out humanity (though without the need for the cure storyline Ratner's story focused on), and Singer will have a chance to take the unfocused bravery of The Last Stand and create what that film's director could not. Whether it will be as big a success as Days Of Future Past remains to be seen, but if Singer can take into account some of the following elements, he will have a particularly strong foundation to work from at least...

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