X-Men: Days Of Future Past Trailer - 8 Awesome Things It Reveals

8. Professor X & Magneto Are Teaming Up

Days Of Future Past 5 Given that the franchise has pretty much exhausted the whole Charles Xavier vs. Magneto thing over the past decade or so, it's interesting (not to mention badass) to see that Days of Future Past will unite the old friends turned arch-rivals against a common enemy. The constantly shifting relationship between Professor X and Magneto is without a doubt the most interesting aspect of the entire X-Men series, and having battled it out for the sum of an entire trilogy, it's going to be great to see two of the most powerful mutants ever teaming up in order to survive. It hasn't been made totally clear as to what the great threat inherent to this movie actually is, but the fact that it's bringing these guys back together means it's obviously something horrific. Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen have both returned to reprise their roles as Professor X and Magneto respectively, and going by the trailer they're absolutely nailing it all over again. What makes this even more dynamic? The fact that in the present the pair will be united, whereas in the past they'll still be against one another. Having two time periods with their turbulent relationship at different points is, quite simply, going to rock. "You'll need me as well," says Magneto softly, pledging his allegiance to the cause. "Side by side to end this war." Chills.

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