X-Men Apocalypse: 36 Easter Eggs, In-Jokes & References You Need To See

22. Magneto's Family Death Mirrors X-Men Origins

Wolverine Wife Death

Magneto's tragic family story in Poland also mirrors the comics. On the page, an angry mob respond to his first display of power and burn his house down, unwittingly killing his daughter and leading to his berserk show of power that forces Magda away in fear. The difference here of course is that both Magda and Nina die, but it's the same dynamic.

It's also the same dynamic as befalls Wolverine in X-Men: Origins: in both cases a powerful mutant hides in plain sight in the working class, and are drawn back to the mutant world by the death of a loved one that sends them into a rage.

There are other narrative call-backs too: in both X2 and Apocalypse, Professor Xavier is captured by a villain looking to use his powers to wipe out mutants. And like X2, Stryker turns up in a helicopter, steals some mutants and takes them to Alkali Lake.


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