10 Best Video Games From Q1 2017 - Ranked

An embarrassment of riches.

Resident Evil 7 Horizon Zero Dawn Zelda Breath Of The Wild
Guerrilla Games, Capcom & Nintendo

The first three months of 2017 have been arguably one of the best Q1 periods in the history of video games. While publishers typically save their biggest releases for the annual November onslaught, March in particular is looking to become a second boom period for the industry, as evidenced by this past month's insane avalanche of quality titles.

Don't feel bad if you've been overwhelmed by the glut of well-reviewed games landing over the last few months: it's impossible for any one person to keep on top of all of them, but at least with the summer sure to dial back the number of releases (as people actually want to go outside), there should be a little more time to catch up with that mountainous backlog.

Regardless of the platform you own or the genres you're into, it's one Hell of a time to be a gamer, and these are the games you absolutely must play from Q1 2017.


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