10 Best Video Games Of 2022 (So Far)

10. Trek To Yomi

trek to yomi

It might have slightly loose combat that takes a beat to get used to, but the overall visual punch of Trek to Yomi is one for the ages.

A playable tribute to old school black and white Japanese cinema, that period's general ethos of planting a camera and letting the frame fill with life, dynamic events and whatever scripted parts need to happen in between comes across perfectly.

Fixed perspectives are so rarely used in modern gaming, but at every turn, director Leonard Menchiari knocks it out the park. Small townships bustle with life in the foreground, epic sword-clash duels are backed by flaming houses or trees collapsing in what feels like slow motion.

As this revenge tale plays out you'll see a surprising array of locations, gradually levelling up main character Hiroki and choosing from a few different endings.

Trek to Yomi is an essential work of visual art. Something to absolutely be played with its journey engaging, but it's the aesthetic that is next level.

Gaming Editor
Gaming Editor

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