10 Biggest Snubs From The Game Awards 2017

2. Nioh

Team Ninja

Nioh easily ranks as one of the best games of the year, which is remarkable considering how under-appreciated it has gone.

Although some may criticise Nioh for being nothing more than a 'Dark Souls rip off', the truth is that its gameplay, world and characters are actually much more complicated and unique than that. Far from being a clone of the series, Nioh actually ends up surpassing Dark Souls through everything that makes it great.

So why didn't it do nearly as well as it should have? The critical reception to Nioh was fantastic and sales passed one million earlier this year. Despite how awesome and complicated it was, Nioh just didn't manage to win the hearts of gamers like it arguably deserved to.

At the very least, Nioh did manage to earn one nomination for Best Action Game, but the fact that it didn't win doesn't really feel sufficient for one of the best gaming experiences of 2017.


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