10 Biggest Snubs From The Game Awards 2017

Some of the best games of the year were completely unrepresented.


The Game Awards is a beloved (well, mostly beloved) gaming event that aims to reward some of the biggest and best games of the year with prestigious awards.

Whilst it often does manage to give the right titles the right coverage, they're always guaranteed to be several titles that simply don’t win when they surely deserve to.

Whether this comes down to the fact that The Game Awards uses a system based on votes which could result in the popular games getting the vote instead of the most suitable or simply due to some games just being overlooked is up for speculation, but it’s pretty clear that some games simply don’t get the attention they deserve.

That’s not even mentioning the games that don’t even get nominated for certain categories. It’s bad enough that a game doesn’t win the award it’s nominated for, but it’s so much worse to be overlooked completely.

Here’s to the games that certainly weren’t celebrated enough (if at all) during the world’s biggest game awards event.


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