10 Character Builds That BROKE Video Games

8. Lone Wolf Necromancer - Divinity: Original Sin 2

divinity original sin 2
Larian Studios

Sure, Divinity: Original Sin 2 is playable in co-op but would you rather have friends to play with or be an all-powerful Necromancer who can best every enemy and difficulty setting that this game has to throw at you?

Assuming it’s the latter, stay tuned for the rest of this one.

This build is designed for an Elf, Human, or Undead and was put together by YouTube user sin tee. You’ll want to go all in on Intelligence and Memory early on and spec into Summoning, Warfare, and Scoundrel as well which boost physical damage dealt and your critical multiplier. Later on you’ll respec into Necromancer and you’ll be able to pull off feats like executing a Supercharger-enhanced Bloated Corpse explosion to create a blood pool and kick off every engagement with a +100% damage boost bang. The Lone Wolf attribute is particularly important though as that will give you an increase to loads of stats allowing you to tailor a specific build better. Also your friends will hate you because you’ll be killing everything in one turn.

There are loads of other abilities you’ll want to pick up, gear to maximise this build, and tactics to apply here but just trust me, this one will get the job done.


Likes: Collecting maiamais, stanning Makoto, dual-weilding, using sniper rifles on PC, speccing into persuasion and lockpicking. Dislikes: Escort missions.