10 Awesome Hidden Video Game Modes You Totally Missed

Why steal cars when you can soar like an eagle?

gta 5 peyote plants gta v peyote plants

Most publishers love to gloat about how many amazing features their games have. You're pretty much guaranteed to know everything a title has to offer before it even gets released.

However, sometimes certain game modes aren't mentioned at all, and they end up becoming hidden gems that only a few dedicated players know about. Which is a shame because they are absolute blasts that are unlike anything else you can experience in their respective titles.

Whether it's a golf match in a fantasy game, the ability to turn into a bird and fly free, or even a whole different game secretly sharing the dataspace with the original, these alternative game modes will guarantee you an unforgettable time. You just need to know where to look for them.

For this reason, let's dive into the world of hidden game modes and try to find the best of the best.

10. Peyote Trip - Grand Theft Auto V

gta 5 peyote plants gta v peyote plants

The great thing about Grand Theft Auto V is that whenever you get bored of shooting random civilians and escaping the police, the game has plenty of side activities for you to explore. There's tennis, golf, diving, yoga, and many other hobbies for you to enjoy; however, the most hilarious and entertaining of these game modes will require you to do a little bit of exploring.

Although GTA V never mentions this to you, the region of Los Santos features a handful of Peyote plants that your characters can ingest to have the trip of a lifetime.

Each of the twenty-seven Peyote plants scattered around the map allows you to temporarily turn yourself into an animal. From simple cats and dogs to more intricate critters like eagles and even an orca, every single Peyote trip is a unique experience that lets you explore Los Santos from a completely new perspective.

There is nothing quite as fun in Grand Theft Auto V as being able to soar through the air as an eagle. Especially since the entire time you're flying, your drugged character will comment on his new avian shape by cawing and admiring his glorious beak.

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