10 Disturbing Video Game Twists That Came Out Of NOWHERE

Always go vegan in the apocalypse.

Walking dead

Everyone likes a good plot twist. Secret family members, hidden villains, secret family members who are villains - anything that shifts the narrative in a direction you didn't expect it to is generally a source of pleasant surprise.

But some twists decide to be significantly less pleasant, and to get way wilder than most others. In fact, some get way wilder than you really want them to, coming out with all sorts of gross or disturbing revelations exactly when you least expect it.

And while some of these reveals can prove thoroughly unpleasant to see - especially if it's a grim reveal at the end of a game - they're also brilliant, because they're always the absolute last thing you expected to happen.

Sure, they might provide you a unique source of horror for years to come, but you can never say it was a boring experience.

Between surprise serial killers, accidental child murder, and a spot of clay-based identity theft, some games provide twist you'll simply never forget - whether you like it or not. And depending on how hype you are for tragic or gruesome moments, you might just fall into the second category.

10. You're In A Simulation - Harvester

Walking dead
DigiFX Interactive

The twist that a character has been dreaming the whole time is one of the most cliched plot twist in narrative history, to the point that it's likely considered 'a bit much' even by children who are just learning to write.

However, Harvester is so damn weird that it manages to make what should have been a very dull reveal incredibly, incredibly wild. After joining a cult, watching some children eat their mother, and several other unnerving events, it's revealed that none of this happened in real life, and that you are instead stuck in a high-tech VR simulator.

This actually ends up creating an even more tense scenario, as you're then told the purpose of this VR test was to try and turn you into a serial killer. Before you can come to terms with this, you're given the choice to either kill your romantic interest - which will also kill her in real life, but should allow you to go free - or to live out the rest of your days with her in the simulation, knowing the world you inhabit is fake.

It's not a game that's wise to play before you put on your own VR set, in short.


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