10 Dumbest Controversies That Dogged Popular Video Games

Spidey's greatest foe? Public perception.


There's something about online conversation and discourse in general right now that's a bit... overcharged, let's say.

Mention you're a fan of one thing and see armies of the opposition descend to condemn your entire being. Tweet something one day and it'll be dredged up and reanimated in front of millions a decade later. Yes, social media initially brought us together, but I can't help but think we're fracturing ever more violently with each passing day.

All of which is to say that gaming has been put through the wringer too. Yes, you can go back to the parent-terrifying likes of Mortal Kombat, DOOM and GTA (that were riddled with misinformation and sensationalist claims, if only to sell magazines and online ad rates), but this decade, things are on another level entirely. If anything, recent games are subject to even more scrutiny, going up against millions of pairs of eyes and millions of people looking for errors.

That said, there have been some stupid controversies that whipped millions of people into a stupor, only for everything to be okay again in about a week.

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