10 Dumbest Controversies That Dogged Popular Video Games

10. Tracer's "Buttpose" In Overwatch


Initially starting as a parental complaint on Blizzard's forums, Tracer's "buttpose" (actually called Over The Shoulder) exploded into all manner of assumptions that Blizzard were using sex to sell Overwatch, versus the notion that Tracer looking over her shoulder is more a reflection of her speed and effectiveness in combat.

Obviously, yes, her behind is a focal point being she's wearing tight pants that are bright orange, but, well, you can argue which side you fall on down in the comments below.

Blizzard's response - after even their own Art Director got stuck into the debate - was to swap the pose out for another, influenced by 1950s showgirls. They followed up by stating this newer pose better reflected the character, and doubled down on the previous one's questionable elements by saying they were "never happy with it" in the first place.

Suuure you weren't, Blizzard.

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