10 Gaming Franchises That Deserve The Anime Treatment

9. God Of War

super metroid

The pantheon of Greek gods is one of the most pervasive and lingering mythologies in our culture. So, it's a big surprise that there are so few decent adaptations of the stories/lore.

Those obsessed with the Greek deities can enjoy projects like Clash of the Titans, Blood of Zeus, or Disney's Hercules, but the single most impactful and expansive depiction of Zeus and the other Olympians has to be God of War.

The story of Kratos is filled with blood, vengeance and power, making it the kind of thing that anime fans would love to see. Watching as the iconic video game character tears his way through the gods in a new medium could make for some of the most stunning action sequences in animation, and fans would no doubt love to see some new interpretations of the beloved characters.

Plus, after the fourth mainline game in the series, it has become clear that God of War has major potential for emotional storytelling. This means there's plenty of scope to re-explore the earlier games, with a little less blind rage and a bit more of an emotional lens.

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