10 Genius Ways To Beat Video Game Bosses You Totally Missed

9. The End (Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater)

The Master Fallout

Naked Snake's encounter with The End at the centre-point of Metal Gear Solid 3 is quite rightly lauded as one of the finest boss battles in the history of gaming. A protracted sniper fight through the forest canopy, patience is absolutely the key to triumph.

But just how much patience is needed?

Well, if you want a significantly easier way of making The End live up to his name, it's either none at all, or an excessive amount. Immediately following a cut-scene early in the game, the player can shoot the Cobra's 'Father of Sniping' dead as he is being wheeled back inside at Ponizovje Warehouse's dock. He'll explode in a shower of camoflague and cogsprings, and an elite Ocelot unit will instead take his place in the forest.

Shooting someone directly in the face isn't exactly outside the box thinking, but the second sneaky method of ending The End absolutely is. By saving in the middle of his battle and returning a real-time week later, Snake will discover the centenarian has succumbed to the passage of time. It's an ingenious way to skip a seriously tough customer - but it's not entirely honourable.

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Editorial Team

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