10 Hidden Levels In 2015’s Biggest Video Games

Who needs DLC when there are all these secret areas to find?

Back in the day, hidden video game levels used to be ubiquitous. The way in which you'd find them would be super-secretive and convoluted, but press the right buttons or carry out seemingly random actions in a specific order, and parts of the game open to you that you'd never have guessed existed. Today, unlockables and levels are usually hidden behind DLC paywalls rather than as rewards for the player's ingenuity or skill. But to some extent, we're seeing a resurgence of hidden areas, secret levels, and other treats in the biggest games of the year. Many of the big developers see the value in rewarding players' curiosity and desire to explore by allowing us to discover areas of the game that you wouldn't find on an ordinary play-through. Now, with 2015 coming to a close, most of the biggest games' best-kept secret levels, locations, and hidden mini-games have been discovered, and we've gathered the 10 finest examples of them right here.

10. Secret Weapons Testing Room - Fallout 4 (PC Version)

Fallout 4 Review With Fallout 4 having come out barely a month ago (it feels like longer, right?), players are still unearthing all the grim secrets, crashed UFOs, and potential underwater DLC areas scattered around the Boston wasteland. But there's one particularly special area that you won't be able to access unless you're a PC gamer with access to the game's console prompt. When in-game, press the grave accent key ('), then type coc qasmoke in the prompt. Once you've entered the command, you'll get transported to a strange foggy room filled with weapons and armour workbenches, all the power armour in the game, and crates filled with every weapon. So what can you do with all these wonderful things? Just mess around with them of course. Pretend like you're five years old and are having gunfights with your invisible friends again. I don't know. Use your imagination.

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