10 Insultingly Bad Side-Mission Rewards In Video Games

9. 300 Rupees - Dampe's Dungeons (Link's Awakening 2019)

zelda breath of the wild hestu

The remake of Link's awakening has been a hotly anticipated one indeed. The original was a system seller for the original Game Boy and has been fondly remembered ever since. The remake keeps everything that made the original work, while also updating its style to have a more modern, incredibly charming art style.

It also added Dampe's Dungeons, but hey, nobody's perfect.

While Dampe is mainly there to teach you about the legitimately interesting dungeon building system, he also has a few dungeons of his own. These dungeons are only for master Zelda players, and will test your endurance and intellect like nothing else.

And your reward for all of this? A measly 300 rupees. Which sounds like a lot, mind you, but by the time you've completed all of these dungeons, you could likely have found twice that many rupees just by wandering the world itself. making the reward for so much effort a bit of a let down.

But then, at least you can USE 300 rupees for something useful. Unlike the last three entries on this list.


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