10 Insultingly Bad Side-Mission Rewards In Video Games

8. A Phone Call - Riddler Trophies (Batman: Arkham Asylum)

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Now, you might be wondering why we aren't putting Arkham City or Arkham Knight here, since they have way more Riddler Trophies and challenges for you to contend with before you get to the end. And while they do make their respective games bloated and tedious, there's a distinct difference:

When you complete those challenges, you're rewarded with getting to punch Riddler in his dumb face. A lot.

Not so with Arkham Asylum.

Throughout the first game, Batman is mainly completing the challenges and collecting the trophies because, of course, the more he collects, the more Riddler talks to him, which helps him track down where he is.

So your reward for spending literal hours of your time collecting these damn trophies and solving his riddles is just getting to listen to some of GCPD's finest apprehend the Riddler without getting to have him to yourself. Leaving the player feeling like they just wasted their bloody time.

Mind you, not nearly as much as what we're about to see with the next entries.


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