10 Most Frustrating Moments in Gaming

From singular moments of agony to insidious, long term vexations, no other medium can get us quite as frustrated quite as quickly.

We all love to game. Whether it€™s a quick twenty minutes on a beat-€˜em-up before work or a hefty ten hour session on our favourite RPG, we turn to games to escape the frustrations of our day to day lives. And more often than not, they serve that purpose. But every now and again, a game comes along that causes more stress than pleasure, and whether it€™s by accident or design, no medium can get us quite as frustrated quite as quickly. I had a think back over the last fifteen years and recalled those moments in gaming that have had me at my most frustrated; to the point where I thought the joypad would break under the force of my spasming palms. So without further ado, let€™s take a look at 10 of gaming€™s most nerd-rage inducing moments.

10. The Final Stage of Sonic the Hedgehog (Sega)

Back before you could save games, before memory cards and hard drives, you had to just play and hope to god you didn€™t screw up along the way. Being a gamer back then meant you were committed, but reaching and beating the final stage of Sonic the Hedgehog was something that tested the greatest degrees of that commitment. After hedgehoggin€™ through 6 stages of ever increasing insanity, you€™re then dropped into the final battle with no rings and made to fight Robotnik in his most diabolical machination yet. And should you die with no continues, there€™s no reload option, there€™s no do over - you lost. Do not pass go, do not collect 200 rings. Let€™s say you do manage to fry the Eggman. Don€™t celebrate just yet. Did you miss a single Chaos Emerald? Thought so. Well you beat the boss, you saved your critter chums, but it was all for nothing. If Robotnik even retains one Emerald then he essentially wins and shows up on a €˜Try Again€™ screen right at the final moment to taunt you. Whatever his plan was, it can now take place and you€™re powerless to stop it. Frustrating doesn€™t quite do it justice. It was a huge f*ck you from Sega, and the only thing you can really take from the experience after that blow is that sometimes, bad guys win.
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