10 Most Iconic Levels In Video Game History

8. Hangar E1M1 - DOOM (1993)

doom 1993
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Almost 30 years later, 1993's DOOM is still such a phenomenal game to pick up.

The fluid sense of locomotion, expert enemy placement, great array of weapons and that shotgun kick - it's a classic, majorly influential release for a reason.

And while you can point to things like descending into Hell itself or fighting your first pair of Cyberdemons as monumental, just getting to grips with 3D combat at this speed, with power-ups a plenty and bodies falling left and right, felt incredible.

Not to mention, DOOM's soundtrack screamed heavy metal, its main descending riff sounding identical to Metallica's No Remorse - a titanic thrash track that in MIDI form, only encouraged you to play faster.

Then we have one of the most powerful, satisfying and legendary weapons in gaming history: The DOOM shotgun.

Yes, 2016's version has some mighty 4K kick and subsequent sequels would refine things graphically and through momentum of movement, but pulling the trigger on the original DOOM shotgun was the bloodied icing on the tastiest cake of your life.

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