10 Most Under-Appreciated Video Games Of 2018

9. Firewall: Zero Hour


Believe it or not, 2018 was the breakout year of virtual reality. In particular, it was a banner year for PlayStation VR, which saw incredible games like Astro Bot: Rescue Mission and Moss released. It seems it was the year in which developers figured out just how to make great games work in VR, and one such proof of that was Firewall: Zero Hour.

Others had attempted to make FPS games in VR, such as Bravo Team, but Firewall was the first on PlayStation that made you feel like you were really in the firefight. It's gritty, addictive, and awesome. The quality graphics help immerse you in the action; you will be ducking and leaning around corners in no time. And everytime you see a bullet coming square at your face, your heart will skip a beat.

Firewall may only have one mode thus far, but it's a huge stepping stone for PSVR in showing how these kinds of experiences can work and thrive. In terms of pure gameplay, Firewall was one of 2018's very best.

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