10 Powerful Video Game Weapons You Had ONE CHANCE To Obtain

Playing Cyberpunk 2.0? You need Satori.

cyberpunk 2077 satori
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Video game weapons tend to feel extra special when they're unique. The Master Sword from The Legend of Zelda and the BFG-9000 from DOOM are iconic, not just for their immense power, but also because there is nothing else like them in their respective games.

However, there are certain guns, swords, or explosives that take exclusivity to the extreme, giving players only one chance in a playthrough to collect them. If a specific task isn't performed, a key item isn't picked up, or a mission isn't completed within the allowed time, that coveted weapon could be missed forever, meaning a new save and playthrough is the only way to try again.

This practice can be extremely frustrating, especially when there are next to no clues on how to find such desirable items. But since these deadly artefacts can easily be lost, it's all the more satisfying when you finally get your hands on them.

To stand the best chance of victory or to achieve a 100% completion rating, be sure to track down these precious video game items.

10. Flail Of Ages - Baldur's Gate 2

cyberpunk 2077 satori

There are few weapons in Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn capable of turning the tide of battle faster than the Flail of Ages.

If players know exactly what to do, acquiring this beast is a breeze. Firstly, they must head to de'Arnise Keep and locate four specific flail components. After these parts are brought to Roger the Fence in the Temple District, he'll be able to forge this monstrous weapon.

The Flail of Ages effortlessly cut the enemies in Baldur's Gate II down to size, and it also interrupts magic attacks, giving spellcasters little chance to fight back. While wielding this behemoth, not even the mightiest golems, dragons, or trolls should pose a threat.

However, it's very easy to lose out on the Flail, due to a nasty boss called TorGal in the very last room of the Keep. If you leave after he's defeated instead of searching out those components, the multi-headed flail is off the table permanently.

Since there's no hint the Flail is only available for this brief window of time, it can easily be missed, especially on the first playthrough.


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