10 Secret Video Game Locations Hardly ANYBODY Found

Demon's Souls remake has a new door... but what's inside??

demons souls door
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Typically in video games, there's a set series of level designs and patterns to follow. Linear titles constantly guide the player through a straightforward storyline, while open world releases attempt full freedom. No matter the title, most games are turned over fairly quickly through both player volume and persistence.

Even with all these measures designed to steer you in the right direction, there are still those rare locations we weren't all meant to discover.

No, these are the levels set aside for a specific breed of player. Someone who after that initial rush of the community exploring a game and compiling both let's play footage and strategy guides, they go one step further. Some of these areas don't even reveal themselves until years after the game's release.

Across the board, developers are devilish with these secret spots. Some are intended to be discovered over time, others merely an unintended result of the production process itself. Either way, fans of many franchises have dedicated countless hours to uncovering every last detail of a game's world.

These are the best video game areas that very few players saw or took time to be uncovered.

10. World of Warcraft - The Pool of Upside Down Sinners

demons souls door

Opening the list is World of Warcraft; the world of Azeroth needs no introduction. Millions of players have explored thousands of digital square miles through the years. You'd think the whole place would have been mapped out within the first few years, but if players looked in the right places, they would find hidden secrets.

Buried within Morgan's Plot is a seemingly inaccessible crypt. Known as The Pool of Upside Down Sinners, the room was placed behind the Tower of Karazhan Some players were able to glitch inside and find skeletons hung from the ceiling. There's something sinister about the place; as if an act of great torment took place there, which only adds another story to WOW's extended set of stories.

For a time it was rumoured that this section of the game was unfinished and left abandoned after feeling its content would push up the game's age rating to M in the United States, thus dampening its sales potential. Blizzard debunked this sometime later, merely describing it as a section that was left out of the final product.

Since its discovery, the once secret location has been opened up in patch 7.3.0. It's accessible to those who can solve the Riddle of the Lucid Nightmare in order to obtain the unique mount within.

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