10 Secretly Powerful Video Game NPCs

Never trust a CD Projekt NPC.

the witcher 3 the hermit
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When you go outside, it's highly likely that you'll encounter other people, and while some like to stay indoors where the chances of this are slim, it's hard to spend your whole life avoiding folk altogether. That's why all games worth their salt include non-playable characters, better known as NPCs, to bring the reality of populated civilizations to their worlds.

These NPCs exist to enhance the player's experience; provide helpful story tips, sell valuable items, and more. However, life as an NPC isn't always easy, as they have no means of fighting back against players who let their intrusive thoughts run wild.

Whether it's beating people up in GTA, attacking kids in Skyrim, or assassinating civilians in Assassin's Creed, these poor folk have little means of defense.

But, despite the overwhelming disadvantage these characters are at, there are a few who break the mould. Even the most unassuming of NPCs can bite back, giving the player a lesson or two in respecting their digital brethren.

The moral is: Don't judge a book by its cover, and don't assume all NPCs are pushovers.


NOTE: This list contains story spoilers for Resident Evil 7, High on Life and Doki Doki Literature Club.

10. Monk Maz Koshia – Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

the witcher 3 the hermit

Players of this seminal Legend of Zelda title are no doubt used to seeing the shriveled old bodies of the Sheikah monks as one appears in every shrine. They don't move even a wink in each of the puzzle-based mini-dungeons, leaving no reason for you to fear them. But, once players slapped on the game's DLC, they were treated to a big shocker.

Monk Maz Koshia appears in the Champions Ballad DLC during the "EX Champions' Ballad" main story quest.

He speaks to Link telepathically (like the other motionless Monks) to test if he can undergo the Divine Beast Tamer's Trial. Eventually, Link stumbles across the Monk's body, which breaks all the rules and comes to life, forcing him into an intense boss battle.

While every player knew that these figures were powerful, at least once, no one was expecting to fight one. Regardless, Maz Koshia shows that years of sitting in the same position is no reason to get ring-rust, as he puts the player through a gruelling trial, the reward of which is the Master Cycle Zero.


Also, an honourable mention goes to all the chickens of Hyrule, who have given players grief for picking on them for decades. Maybe someday, Koroks will be able to fight back too.


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