10 Things That Make Playing The Sims So Fiendishly Enjoyable

7. The Cheat Gnome

Gravestone Gnome Every Sim player's best pal, the Cheat Gnome is indispensable to the gamer's enjoyment of the game. It is much better to activate the Cheat Gnome and fulfil all of your Sim's motives rather than fannying about putting them on the loo and in the shower etc etc. - boring mundane things that take up valuable skill building time. You can also activate cheats with the Gnome that give you all the items that are locked in the game, unlock Simoleons, unlock places to visit and so forth. Personally, I just use the Fulfil Motives cheat, but if you are looking for an easy ride, there are many things to unlock with the Cheat Gnome to make life less difficult. It all depends if you are of the cheating persuasion. I know I am.
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