10 Things That Make Playing The Sims So Fiendishly Enjoyable

8. Simoleons

1870062 Simoleons Just as their human compadres know, Sims understand that money talks. Unless you unlock Simoleon cheats, chances are that you start off with a paltry amount of money in The Sims, and you have to work hard to build your Simoleon Empire. This is primarily achieved by starting a career and rising up through the ranks. The higher you go, the more Simoleons you earn. If you can get a whole town full of Sims working, you will be minted. On my iPad version of The Sims, the best way to get your Sims to make money (besides employment) is to get them planting vegetables to sell. Some of the vegetables you plant are genetically modified and they can turn into a Sim eating plant. But if they turn out to be ordinary plants you clean up with the Simoleons. Naturally, the more money you get, the more cool stuff you can buy for skill building and doing up your pad.
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