10 Things WWE 2K17 Needs More Than Goldberg

8. Create-A-Finisher

goldberg 2k

Gamers love customisation nowadays, it's just the way the medium has progressed. Long gone are the days when players will just settle for a pre-made character, the option to create our own from scratch is a must for many games today. WWE titles are no exception to that unwritten law, but wrestling fans expect much more into the bargain.

If 2K15 was sorely lacking in the creation suite options, 2K16 sorted much of that out, but there were still a few features missing. For example, being able to invent and play around with a brand new (sometimes physically impossible) finishing move can be a lot of fun, and it's something that needs to make a comeback.

It sucks to put the time and effort into the appearance of your new star, only to find out that you have to use the RKO or another pre-rendered move for your creation. Create-A-Finisher has to make a return in 2K17, because it's a workable feature which just adds so much more to the overall package for players.

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