10 Times DLC Saved Broken Video Games

Wait, DLC can be a GOOD thing?!


If there's anything in gaming culture more repulsive to the ear than 'Games as a service,' it's DLC. With the ever-growing presence of microtransactions (which is just downloadable content with no value), gamers have become quite hesitant to have any faith in post-launch content with a buy-in fee. Even if there's no price tag attached to it, there's still this perception that when a developer releases a Day 1 patch or a series of patches, the game's seen as unfinished and rushed out.

But what if I told you that sometimes, sometimes, DLC is actually a good thing? Yes, you'd prefer an experience that doesn't require a designated wait time before it reaches its potential, but when it comes to making a satisfactory experience, DLC can be a necessary means to an end. Whether it's multiple free content drops or paid expansions, titles on this list were given a second chance post-release. They didn't meet expectations when fans first got their hands on it, but over time became something more in-line with what they promised in their marketing.

Downloadable content will always be best as a complementary component as there's no way to fix an at-its-core, broken title with patches. However, if the game is foundationally-sound, then it may rise up to be something rather impressive after some proper additions.


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