10 Times Video Games Sucked On Purpose

Moments in these games were pretty rough, but it was all part of the plan...

Warner Bros. Interactive

When it comes to the more fan favorite video game releases, many of them often have moments that ring very hollow among the finer qualities.

For example, you could be making your way through a truly brilliant game only for it to hit you with a rough patch of grinding or one that heavily leans on a mechanic that kills the pacing.

Well, remember, nothing is without intent in video games, they didn't show up there by accident and as such are moments which sucked....on purpose.

Why would a developer do this? Well, sometimes it can be to teach a lesson, make the player master a mechanic for later or maybe it's just been done to pad out the runtime. Either way, it's a chore each and every time you encounter them.


10. FF15 - Corridor Section

Square Enix

Final Fantasy 15 was regarded as a return to form for a good portion of the fanbase. The presentation was superb, the open-world expansive and the combat engaging. On top of this, the game learned many lessons from the disappointments of the past, understanding what made the franchise work after many years of stagnation.

However, there's one moment that really put a dampener on things; the dreaded corridor in Chapter 13. At a specific point in chapter 13, you're yanked out of the open world and placed into linear corridors that bring to mind the linearity of lesser RPG's. It was painfully slow and boring to boot, yet the designers appealled that it was to make the player feel isolated and powerless.

I'm sorry, but while the intention was nice, it absolutely sucked.

Some fans took to the forums to vent their frustration at Square Enix for once again limiting their freedom; while exploration did eventually return, the corridor from hell was certainly a sore point for many a hardcore RPG player. Will Square continue to push these frustrating interludes into future releases? We'll have to wait and find out.


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