10 Times Video Games Sucked On Purpose

9. No More Heroes - Chores

Grasshopper Manufacture

Next we come to Grasshopper Manufacture underrated gem. With No More Heroes, Travis Touchdown's quest to cleave his way through the worst of the United Assassin's Association quickly became a cult favourite thanks a literal oozing of personality, and sublime graphical style.

It's all about climbing your way up the assassin totem pole, but before you can do that, there's a few chores you need to do, quite literally in fact.

To enter dueling contests, Travis must perform multiple errands from delivering items, tidying up his motel area, mowing the lawn for fellow citizens and trading items back and forth. It all went towards earning enough money to gain entry to the first and quickly got on the player's nerves. The higher the assassin, the longer and more tedious these tasks became.

However it was all intended, as Sude 51 the games lead developer wanted to make the player feel the weight of their actions, that they were willing to go through all these boring tasks in order to enact violence. It's surprisingly deep when you think about it.


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