10 TV Sitcoms That Would Make Great Video Games

10. Seinfeld

While the low concept Seinfeld seems ill fitting for a video game adaptation, games designer/illustrator team Jacob Janerka and Ivan Dixon think otherwise. They’ve produced a trailer for a Seinfeld point and click adventure, with a pitch to write a story faithful to the tone of the beloved sitcom.

A Seinfeld story without the involvement of Jerry or Larry David, though, should strike fear into the hearts of the show’s fans. Instead, how about a game in the vein of Animal Crossing - only instead of the warm hearted villages, this would be an anti-social simulator, set in the bustling, uncaring city.

Seinfeld: The Game would see the player design a surprisingly plush apartment, then utilise techniques of pettiness, social faux pas, and ill conceived schemes to ensure no one wants to go anywhere near you.

Strike up a mutual animosity with a local fruit vendor! Enter into, then quickly wriggle out of, relationships that seem perfectly fine on the surface! With seasonal DLC like the Festivus pack, Seinfeld: The Game About Nothing is the cynical experience we need today.

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