10 TV Sitcoms That Would Make Great Video Games

Interactive versions of your fave TV chuckles!

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The path of TV show into video game is one seldom travelled, and for good reason. Over the years of gaming history, few attempts have really caught fire, with even hugely acclaimed, popular, and cinematic dramas like The Sopranos and Game Of Thrones receiving lukewarm reviews for their interactive creations.

For obvious reasons, sitcoms receive the adaptation treatment even less frequently, but there have actually been a few comedy games that have worked well. The Simpsons has been licensed to death, but a couple of their games are well worth your while, and more recently the South Park team have been hands on in developing genuinely good spin offs..

With that in mind, what other sitcoms are ripe to be reimagined as video games? While the humble comedy tends to focus on the smaller, more contained plots, there are still many properties that would lend themselves well to the medium, whether due to the concept, the characters, or simply the vibe or world of the show that would be enjoyable to run around in.

Whether or not these would ever come to fruition, if any games companies are looking for fresh ideas, we think these are winners.

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