10 Upcoming Open World Games We're Most Excited For

Incredibly ambitious, these games prove linear story-telling is for cowards.

Open world games are becoming more popular and more polished as the years go by €“ Arkham City, Fallout 3 and New Vegas, the Assassin's Creed games, and the current kings of the genre Skyrim and GTA V have all been released within the past decade. These types of games offer far more freedom than a linear game structure like Call of Duty's campaign, allowing you to do literally whatever you want as opposed to simply completing objectives. For the purposes of this list, an open world game is defined as a game in which the player can explore in between missions and/or take on side objectives in between segments of the main story. Also, in order to make it on this list, the game in question must have a projected release date of 2014 and be coming out on at least next generation consoles, if not both those and PS3/360. Only 5 items on this list are sequels or based off of an established property, meaning that 5 new open world franchises are being released this year, an exciting prospect for the future of video games. So without further ado, click next for the first exciting open world coming this year.

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