10 Video Game Bosses Who Can't Do Anything Right

9. Nemesis - Resident Evil 3 Remake

Prof Nakayama

Following the success of the RE2 remake, Capcom released a remake of the classic sequel; Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. Fans who had been losing some faith with Capcom following the recent direction in the series had seen their faith reignited with RE2 remake and so the anticipation for RE3’s reimagining was immense – most of it centred around the incredibly memorable stalking boss of the original; the Nemesis. Capcom had done such a fantastic job of updating Mr. X in RE2, speculation ran rife with what they could do with the Nemesis – a more advanced stalker Tyrant within the canon of the games.

Alas, this is where it all went wrong. RE3 Remake is still a fun and enjoyable game, but the threat of the Nemesis has been downgraded; relegated to mostly scripted appearances means the terrifying stalker has lost a lot of the tension that was once associated with him. Throughout the course of the game we will see a flaming Nemesis flailing around and diving headfirst into the river, where Jill is quick to quip; "Bitch can't even swim." She even metaphorically gives him "the finger" at the end of the game.

Add to that the fact he no longer kills Brad Vickers and you realise that this version of Nemesis fails totally in his primary mission; not killing a single member of S.T.A.R.S. Alas, Nemesis’ greatest loss was inflicted on him by his own creators, with Capcom choosing to remove his name from the title of the game. It's losses all round for this villain.

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