10 Video Game Bosses Who Can't Do Anything Right

They're the villains we love to hate, but some of them just cannot catch a break.

Prof Nakayama

We all love a good villain, whether it's in movies, on TV, in books or indeed in videogames. It's a bit different in gaming though, it always feels much more personal as the villains are trying to get to you in a sense. In the same sense this makes it much more rewarding when you finally layeth the smackdown all over their asses. That being said, some gaming bosses never seem to actually pose that much of a threat and beating them can sometimes start to feel more like you're the schoolyard bully picking on the chess club kid. There's only so many times you can blow up an evil genius's toys before you start to wonder if maybe you are the dick.

Whether it's failing to execute ridiculously elaborate plans for world domination, leaving obvious weak spots on their death machines or that old adage about creating their own worst enemies - video game villains sure do have it tough and here are a selection of villains who couldn't live up to the fearsome image they were trying to project.

10. Ripto - Spyro The Dragon Series

Prof Nakayama

Arguably the arch-nemesis of Spyro, Ripto is a tiny orange wizard with reptilian features and a single horn protruding from his forehead. He is a despotic tyrant and a thief, even worse; Ripto is a racist. Upon his introduction to the series he promptly proclaims that he hates dragons and that he wants every last one of them crushed. The flaw in his plan? Well…he outright sucks at it.

Throughout Spyro 2 we see Ripto; injured by his own minions, fail at killing simple sheep and getting attacked by fairies. Not to mention of course numerous defeats and set backs from the purple dragon himself.

His return in Spyro: Enter The Dragonfly doesn’t go much better either. At the very opening of the game Ripto attempts to kidnap all of the dragonflies but instead scatters them all throughout the land. “Ah, that wasn’t meant to happen” he hisses. Safe to say, no scheme concocted by this orange tyrant goes according to plan.

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