10 Video Game Enemies That Will Make You Sick

8. Outlast - Richard Trager

Resident Evil 7 Eveline
Red Barrels

To be fair, you could really pick any of the sick puppies in the Outlast games to fill this list. You've got mad priests, incestuous families, genital-slicing nutballs and more.

But Richard "Rick" Trager is a special kind of sicko before ending up as a patient in Mount Massive Asylum.

An executive working for Murkoff before being committed, Trager is one of those sociopathic schemers that abuses his position. To note: raping another Murkoff employee and forcing her to abort the resulting pregnancy or be fired.

If that weren't bad enough (which it is, clearly) he then tries to date-rape a mitigations officer coming to investigate a complaint at Murkoff. And then if that weren't bad enough, stabs the pregnant victim in the stomach several times with a pair of scissors.

So, it's no real surprise that he ends up in the asylum. Does that make him any better for it?

Absolutely not, no.

It just gives him carte blanche to enact out sick experiments and digit extraction (not the mathematical kind) on unsuspecting inmates and investigative journalists.

He does get properly Total Recall'd though, which is nice.


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