10 Video Game Enemies That Will Make You Sick

9. Prototype - Mother

Resident Evil 7 Eveline
Radical Entertainment

You have to feel sorry for Elizabeth Greene, the human part of the Mother boss in Prototype. Forced into being a test subject for the Redlight virus, Greene becomes a perfect host for it, going on to produce multiple strains from it.

Much like Alma from the F.E.A.R series, Greene becomes an unwilling participant in events that lead to the mass outbreak that infects New York. Of course, that sentiment quickly disappears when you see what Greene, who renames herself Mother, turns into for the final boss fight:

A giant, oozy, blood-red mass that looks like a tick after it's gorged itself silly on the finest of bloods.

Which is bad enough, if not for the gross tendrils she sprouts too.

So now you've got an enormous, bloated mass of blood and other gubbins waving tentacles about, as well as trying to poison New York (more than it already is).

In a game that already features enough gore to put Mortal Kombat to shame, Prototype's big bad boss is the proverbial cherry on the cake. Fitting, really, as it's the same colour.

It just always looks like it's about to burst...


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