10 Video Game Rewards You Only Get ONE Chance To Grab

These Rewards > Mom's Spaghetti.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Gun

Unlocking new items, weapons and skins has always provided a lovely bit of cathartic feedback to the player. It's a symbol of hours spent mastering combos or figuring out devious puzzles, or simply being in the right place at the right time for a low percentage loot drop.

And it's this last sentiment that really holds true for the ten entries on this list, because if you happen to move away from the "right place" you'll never get another sniff at unlocking these rewards. There was no going back for these bounties as they had long gone and instead you'd be asked to return to this area again in another playthrough, or seeing as some of these were promotional offers, be stuck forever locked out of this exclusive club.

Harsh, right?

Well remember, knowledge is its own reward and after this list you'll know of ten games which you'll have to be especially careful with if you want to reap the benefits.

Think of it like community service. Lord knows we don't want anyone else barred from having a bash with these humorous, deadly and sometimes game changing rewards

10. Multiple Fortnite Skins

Red Dead Redemption 2 Gun
Epic Games

If you look across many of the most popular online video games you'll notice that despite their different approaches to gameplay and aesthetics, they share one common thread: in-game character skins. And judging by some of the prices these rarer skins fetch on various marketplaces, it's clear that people really want to indulge in some digital dressing up.

Fortnite is no exception and across its lengthy tenure has seen numerous skins come and go through special events, battle passes and even coming bundles with mobile phone purchases and hardware such as PS4 controllers. However if we were to pick one, it would have to be the frankly very cool looking Dark Knight skin, which Season 2 players had one chance to grab before it was gone for good. In order to acquire this devilish looking digital flesh you had to max out the battle pass, which back then was capped at Tier 70.

However seeing as Fortnite in Season 2 was nowhere near the monolith it is today, that means there are probably only a handful of players sporting this evil looking garb. Probably a good thing as it's quite terrifying the more you look at it.

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