10 Video Game Secrets That Tell HORRIFYING Stories

9. The Cannibal - Assassin's Creed: Unity

Last of Us ish

Assassin's Creed Unity was infamously broken when it came out. Which is definitely a shame, because everyone rightly focused on how fundamentally unpolished it was, instead of the genuinely (and intentionally) horrific stuff you found in the game itself.

If you go to the Tuileres Garden and search along the coastline, you'll find an entrance that leads you to an underground cavern. Within this cavern is a cannibal preparing his next meal, and a bunch of poor unfortunate frenchmen and women about to be his next meal.

You're probably thinking that you should save these people, but unfortunately - for whatever reason - the game does not allow you to hurt the cannibal at all or free any of the prisoners. You just kinda have to look at these poor people begging to be set free by this dashing assassin who has found them...and then turn and walk away, leaving them to their fates.

The cannibal never shows up again, and is never brought up by any of the other characters.

See, this sh*t right here? This is why no one likes you, Arno.


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